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About us

Jérôme de TycheyPresident

French/Luxembourger Economist and Miner

Simon PolrotVice-president
Lawyer (Fieldfisher LLP), Ethereum France founder, French/Belgian
Thibaut SchaefferVice-president
Engineer at Provenance
Etienne JouinTreasurer
Mobile Data Services Engineer, NFC expert
Alexandre KurthSecretary General
CS Engineer, Geomatics, Blockchain
Stéphane RocheWebmaster
Blockchain/Web developer, consultant, trainer
Marc ZellerChinese Spy

Soft (Cultural production center) Manager

Mathieu SornayCrypto-Enthusiast

Backend Web/Security Developer

Jean ZundelCrypto-Enthusiast

Computer Scientist, translator, musician

Julien BérangerCrypto-Enthusiast

Community Manager at iExec

Gautier MarinCrypto-Enthusiast

Student, Engineer at Ledgys and Writer at Ethereum-France


The Asseth association goal is to promote, develop, and enable as many people as possible to use the Ethereum blockchain. The founding members share a common passion for this technology and have very diverse profiles. Among them are developers, but also lawyers, economists or entrepreneurs.

That is the reason why we organize events and participate in meetings to disseminate knowledge, advise and educate the general public about Ethereum news and general operation. Our work includes regular workshops and publication of knowledge.

Asseth is a non-profit organization governed by the law of 1 July 1901. In order to develop its activity and ensure its sustainability, the association can receive the support of institutional or private partners.