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Answers to all of your questions

Why Ethereum?

Where should I start?

To get started on Ethereum, you can browse the following articles (currently only available in French):

You can also come to one of our meetups dedicated to the discovery of Ethereum.

Who manages Ethereum and takes the project forward?

Ethereum is developed by the Fondation Ethereum, a non-profit foundation under Swiss law whose sole purpose is to develop the protocol. The Foundation was initially financed by a crowdfunding operation in Bitcoin in 2014. It published the first public version of the network in August 2015.

What is the interest of a decentralized application on Ethereum (dApp)?

Decentralization of applications to Ethereum, through the use of so-called blockchain technology, has many advantages, including the following:

  • Immutability : Data stored in a blockchain is saved there ad vitam aeternam: the blockchain keeps the history of all the changes that have been made since the origin and it is not possible to modify this history.
  • Protection against data corruption : Since each computer has a copy of the database, it is extremely difficult to hack into this database. To alter the database, more than 51% of the participating computers would have to be altered simultaneously at the same time… The Bitcoin blockchain exists since 2009 and has never been corrupted by an attack.
  • Network security : The blockchain works with a very powerful encrypted protocol that also makes it very difficult to alter.
  • Availability: It is virtually impossible to simultaneously shut down all computers participating in the Ethereum blockchain at the same time. As a result, this database is always online and never stops working.

Why Asseth?

I'm a beginner, am I not going to understand anything ?

We regularly organize meetups focused on popularization and introduction to crypto-currencies, everyone is welcome, our teams of volunteer mentors are always happy to answer your questions.

I'm looking for certain skills, can you help me?

Our meetups bring together many experienced people who can guide you in your search. Come to the meetup, join the association, we don’t bite!

Where can I find the code developed during the workshops?

We put all our resources on our Github:

Where do I sign?

You can join the association on the dedicated page.