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If you wish to join the association, you can fill out the HelloAsso form (2 minutes maximum), join directly during our meetings, or pay in cryptocurrencies (QR codes on the “Donate” page) and send an email specifying the ID of the transaction and your contact details (name, first name, date of birth, address).

Membership is €10 per year for individuals or legal entities with less than 40 employees, and €50 for legal entities with more than 40 employees.

At the end of the subscription process you will receive a membership card created by us and access to our private Slack https://asseth.slack.comon on which you can find presentations slides, with the author consent.

Why should you join ?

Asseth is a non-profit association that lives thanks to the passion of its members. Workshop participants are volunteers and access to these workshops, most of which are free, is open to all. To join or make a donation to the association is to support the regularity of these events and to make it benefit the greatest number of people. We are committed to growing the community and enabling all interested parties to meet and progress.